Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

PB cookies

Do you know the feeling when you have a particular product in your pantry for ages and it is just waiting for you to do something with it? I had that with a jar full of peanut butter powder (if you know PB2, mine was about the same but then without added sugar). Problem was, that I didn’t like to add water and use it on my sandwich, way too tasteless, yuck! And I didn’t really know what else to do with it. Looking on the internet, I found some recipes for cookies using peanut butter powder. Even though I love peanut butter cookies (I made a different type using real peanut butter earlier), none of the found recipes was to my liking. As a had a huge jar of the stuff anyway, I decided to experiment a little and just make my own creation. After a couple of batches, I now have the perfect recipes for peanut butter powder cookies! Their texture is amazing, crunchy yet melting in your mouth. The taste reminds slightly of peanut butter, but does not overdo it. They are gluten-free and can easily be made dairy-free as well. What more reasons do I need to come up with for you to give them a try?

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Super delicious dairy-free courgette brownie


Woohoo, my first recipe on Magic Moon Boat! 😀

Though I often eat sugar free, I do sometimes make exceptions. Not just because I think that nothing should be done literally 100% of the time, eating healthy included, but also because I think that I should not push my beliefs on others. So a couple of weeks ago was the last day in uni. My first master thesis, done! Yay! These last few months went so fast, but I had a great time. After two weeks of rest at my parents’ place I just moved to Switzerland! I live in Lausanne now, and my first impression is really good. The weather is absolutely fabulous and the people are really nice (and most of them even speak English). Continue reading