The Forest of Book Reviews: three tips that will help you find your way


Looking through book reviews is like walking through a forest. Some of the trees are long, some short. There are a variety of species, each with their own beauty. But there are many. For a popular book like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, as many as 3.237.147 people have giving their rating, 47.855 of them included a review. Of all those people, some are bound to have different opinions. Almost 50.000 people even gave this jewel only one star. Continue reading


Summer reads 2015 – Part one

Though the summer weather hasn’t really started here in Switzerland, it is time to do some wishful thinking nice-weather planning. With lots of sun, meaning lots of time to spend outside, I will have lots of time to read. And as my to-read list is growing and growing every week, this feels like a good opportunity to structure which books I are actually high on my list and should be read first. And hopefully I’ll inspire you as well. Continue reading

Judging a book by its cover

We’re all taught not to do it. And yet we all do. Judging a book by its cover. It’s like choosing a partner based on their appearance, or cookies based on their packaging. Even though most of us realize that a beautiful cover does not necessarily imply a good story, our brains cannot help but fall for it. It is so easy just to look at the surface of people, products and books. Marketing is for a big part based on the appearance of a product, rather than the actual product itself. With an alluring design, the product sells itself. That’s why publishers and authors try their best to make the most wonderful covers. Even for e-books, which don’t have a physical cover at all! Continue reading

Less is more: why I don’t read 200 books a year


There are so many books these days! It seems that everyone either wrote a book or aspires to do so. And in a world were self-publishing is hot, the quantity only increases. For avid book fanatics like me, it often feels like there is no way I can keep up with all the new content, ideas and genres. I feel that I should be reading all day long, even though I know very well that even then I wouldn’t be able to read the vast amount of literature published each day. Continue reading

Life of a cricket

The life of a cricket ain’t easy. Birds, shrews and parasitic wasps see you as a nice meal. Conspecifics are only fit for one thing: mating if the other is a female, fighting if not. What would you do if you were a cricket? By times I find myself wondering how my life would be if I was born another species. Life would be so simple, without any haste, any deadlines, any complicated emotions and social situations. From the beginning onward I would instinctively know what was expected of me and I would try my utter best to fulfil my destiny. Continue reading