Book review: Horns by Joe Hill


Horns by Joe Hill
Publisher: William Morrow (March 2009)
Genre: Horror, Mystery

Finally an adult book again! Not that I normally don’t read them, but I feel that I’ve been a bit stuck in the YA circle the past couple of months. They are just so nice to read when I come home brain dead after a day at uni. But for a change, Horns was a really good decision.

The book is written by Joe Hill, who is secretly the son of Stephen King and is making quite the living with his books as well. Horns even had been made into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. After I had read this book, I decided to try the movie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as good as the book. Much less depth and engagement, though I really like Daniel.

Horns is a horror and mystery novel, telling the story of Ignatius Perish. Ig wakes up one morning to discover that there are two horns growing out of this head. The horns seem to have a weird effect on people. Question is, where did they come from? And could he possible use them to find the man who killed his girlfriend Merrin?

It seems like the King style runs in the family: the writing style is excellent, with psychedelic story turns and a weird ending. Not to bring down Joe, but it reminded me a bit of Stephen King’s writing. The book itself was a little different than what I expected, it even felt a bit literary (says someone who never reads proper literature).

The characters were brought to live marvelously well. I vividly felt Ig’s emotions and shock. What I really liked is that Hill is showing real human beings. A bit raw and a bit indecent. Not like the (near) perfect humans in some other books, just the ugly truth. The story is alternated with a lot of flashbacks. They gave additional information, but never made the story more confusing or boring. They added depth and revealed underlying motives and connections.

Really nice read! Recommended if you like horror, mystery and Stephen King’s writing style.

Final rating: ★★★★☆


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