Book review: The Apple Cookbook by Olwen Woodier


The Apple Cookbook by Olwen Woodier
Publisher: Storey Publishing (June 2015, first in 1984)
240 (125 recipes)

In the Netherlands, apples are a big thing. If you don’t eat one regularly it is thought of as weird, and no birthday party goes by without a big piece of traditional apple pie. There stops the Dutch culinary tradition, however. Dutch cuisine is virtually non-existent and most cooking inspiration comes from abroad. But this book might be the change. Finally, something else we can do with our apples!

Olwen Woodier divided her book up into different chapters. Starting with the background and history of apples, we continue with Breakfasts & Breads and Drinks & Snacks. It feels a bit weird to put the drinks and snacks in one chapter though. After, the chapters on Salads & Sides, Apples Make the Meal (dinner-like recipes with meat) and Apple Desert follow. The book concludes with a chapter on preserving apples and one on the different apple varieties.

Having been a vegetarian for a big part of my life, I missed the vegetarian dinner options! There is only the Apples Make the Meal section, but that only has meat dishes. And I can come up with a lot of tasty vegetarian dishes too, like wraps with veggies, apple and yoghurt sauce. Or in a curry or other rice dish.

It is also a pity that hardly any of the recipes are accompanied by a photo of the particular dish. The photos that are there are extremely beautiful, I just wished there were more.

The recipes gave me really great (and easy) ideas for some of the stuff that I already make regularly. For example the Iced Apple Tea, which is basically the iced tea that I usually make but now with some apple juice. And it tastes delicious! Most of them only use basic ingredients and techniques, so they are easily accessible to anyone who’s interested.

Most of the recipes ask for a specific variety of apple, but in case these are not available in your country, the Meet the Apples: Apple Varieties section will come to the rescue. With descriptions of a lot of different kinds of apples, you sure will find another one that is up for the task.

Final rating: ★★★☆☆

*** I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review ***


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