Book review: Mug Meals by Dina Cheney

mug meals dina cheney

Mug Meals by Dina Cheney
Taunton Press (2015)

Wow, a whole book about making food in the microwave! I think I’m going to get fat! So far, my only microwave meals are oats and brownie in a mug. Check this one: it’s sooo delicious! (recipe is in Dutch, but use Google translate and your imagination). But with a book full of delicious recipes, ready in like 10 minutes, with very basic ingredients, what is going to stop me? I’ll just keep making delicious meals whenever I feel like it.

First I want to make a statement about microwaves. There has been this hype that microwaves would be bad for your food and thus for you. No scientific evidence, however, has linked microwaved food with any health issues. Of course, microwaving food changes some structures, but not any different from food heated on a normal stove. See this article for a good review on the topic.

Author Dina Cheney has previously written about slow-cookers, vegetarians and salads. This time, a wide range of mug meals will pass in review. The book starts with an introduction on mug meals. Some recipe pointers, techniques and arsenal make the preparation for the real recipes. Unfortunately, ingredients like cooked quinoa, rice, meat and pasta are mentioned. But if I need to prepare these ingredients the whole purpose of the book, making a quick ten-minute meal is gone. Isn’t that cheating? It will certainly add 10-15 minutes to the overall time.

The recipes are subdivided into a breakfast, lunch/dinner and dessert section. Most of them are easy and they vary a lot. Breakfast meals go from Pineapple Coconut Oatmeal to Eggs Florentine and Double Berry French Toast. My favorite for lunch/dinner is the Spicy Chinese Tofu And Vegetables. It is so delicious! But there are so many recipes that it was really hard to decide which one to prepare. The best section in my opinion is the one with the desserts. That might be due to my love for sugar, but the beautiful photo’s also help. I had to make the recipes in a bowl, as my cups were too small.

Spicy Chinese Tofu And Vegetables - my favorite!!

Spicy Chinese Tofu And Vegetables – my favorite!!

So, in the end a nice book, I will definitely make more mug meals in the future. I will keep in mind that I add some extra time.

Final rating: ★★★★☆

*** I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review ***


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