Impatience level 100+ : Books

Open book on stack of closed books

OMG, there are some things that I really cannot wait for. Most of these things are books (and television series, but more about those in another blog). They make me so impatient! And by impatient, I actually mean: I would prefer to stop drop everything right now and discover a time machine just to go to the future and get my hands on these beauties. And then I would read non-stop to finished them all. Of course, I keep everything into perspective, but nevertheless, I have a number of books that are really really high on my to-read list at the moment. One problem, they haven’t been published yet. Some of them will unfortunately only be published in 2016. Fortunately, others will already be released very soon. Here we go:

One of my favourite authors coming with a new book soon! All of Feist’s previous work has been about events taking place in Midkemia, the fictional world created by this author. As this novel will be in a completely new setting, related to Arthurian and medieval legends, I’m really really curious how that will be. The release date is a bit vague. Some sites mention this month, others a year from now. As there is no cover or any plot information available yet, I’m afraid that we’ll have to wait a little longer.

  • The Dark Forest (Three Body #2) by Cixin Liu

dark forest

Of course The Dark Forest has already been published in China in 2008, but as of July this year the English translation will be available as well! As you could read in my review about the prequel, I am really enthusiastic about these series and will definitely be reading this next book in the Three Body Problem series!

  • Fool’s Assassin (The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy #1) by Robin Hobb

Fool's Assassin

Okay, I’m actually really ashamed to admit that I haven’t read Robin Hobb’s latest book yet. She really is one of my favourite authors and normally I immediately read whatever she publishes. Fool’s Assassin will be yet another story about FitzChivalry Farseer. Twenty years after the books of the Farseer Trilogy we will finally return to the life of Fitz and all his adventures. I cannot tell you how excited I am! Hobb has written many books taking place throughout the lands of the Six Duchies, but Fitz has always been my favourite character. And especially in his relationship with the Fool his role was excellent. And good for me: after I will have read Fool’s Assassin, I can almost go straight on to the second book of the series Fool’s Quest, which will be released August this year. Quick note for anyone not familiar with Hobb’s work: start with the Farseer trilogy.


No introduction needed for this one right? I’m sure many of you are anxiously waiting with me for the next Game of Thrones book. Apparently some of the nasty cliffhangers from A Dance with Dragons will be resolved quite early in the book and who knows what will happen in the rest. I mean, really, Martin is one of the most unpredictable writers I’ve ever read. He might as well just kill everyone off and start with an entirely new cast. The release date is still very far away and should be somewhere in 2016. I wonder how they are going to do that with the series? Anyway, until then we can look forward to season 5 of Game of Thrones yay! Only a couple of days left to wait 😀


I’m cheating a bit with this one, as three of the four books have already been published. Nevertheless, after reading the Night Angel Series, I’m hungry for more. And with the release of the fourth books scheduled in 2016, I might just have time to read the other three beforehand!

So.. now you know which books I’m looking forward to the most. But what about you? Are you as excited as I am about these or are you waiting for other books? Let me know 🙂


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